Day 8.

I always have current goals; constantly up on the air and changing.

This blog was a goal, I wanted to be honest and real about my life. My number 1 goal was to stick with this blog and never go too long between posts. I feel like I’ve been pretty good at that so far.

Top 5 current goals:

1. Build clientale with my photography company. I’m slowly gaining repeat clients and I’m shooting my first wedding in October. It’s just all about consistently putting yourself out there and constantly honing your craft and being open to learn new things.

I love receiving honest feedback from more seasoned photographers and let them critique my work; I will not learn any other way.

2. To be less fearful. This one may be a little more bizarre; but it pertains to so many different aspects of my life. I’m fearful of failure, so my goal is to continue to put myself out there and if I fail; who cares. I would rather try and fail then not to try it at all. Cause if I don’t try at all, then the failure from that is so much worse.

3. Start taking care of myself. Isnt this everyone’s goal? Probably. I’ve previously mentioned that I’m getting married in 2018. So it’s way more crucial than it’s ever been. I don’t have a ton of weight to lose, but it’s less about losing the weight; it’s about creating a healthy lifestyle that I can sustain long after my wedding. I want to be my best self for not only myself but also for my future husband. And if he sees me trying to better myself then he will follow suit. Win win situation I’d say. But I have to give up wine, not cool.

4. To gain at least 10 followers on this blog. I’m on my way; the more I’m writing and connecting with anyone and everyone; this will happen in no time. I’m excited about the prospects for this blog and the direction it’s headed in.


5. To create a MeetUp group with fellow photographers and go on a photography shooting spree. Artists supporting artists. Something that doesn’t always happen in the art world.

There’s so many other goals I have. But I have to say those are my top 5. And when I begin to accomplish one of these goals, I can add one of my other goals to my top 5.



This is an example of my work.

Property of Infinity Photography NY

Photographer: Sarah WareIMG_0429.jpg




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