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Welcome to Edgy & Urban. My name is Sarah Ware. I’m a full time studio photographer, and a part time blogger. I’m not here to make money or even get a ton of followers.
I guess you are here to learn more about more me huh? Like I said, my name is Sarah. I’m 27 and I’m a New Yorker. I’m not the best at talking about myself; but I’m definitely going to give it a shot.
I’m a photographer, I work full time for a photography studio. Although I do love my job; it’s definitely shown me that studio portraits isn’t where I would like to be when it comes to my photography. I love to be outside in the sun, and taking in nature. I’ll take portraits always; just in a more natural and relaxed environment. That’s when you get your best shots, when it’s just pure joy and not faked joy. Not a small room with big flashing lights; and yelling at your children to smile. That’s not genuine.
More than anything, taking nature shots and landscapes is my true passion. The world around us is always changing; and someone needs to be there to document those changes. I love the way the world around us can still to this day take our breath away.
My dream is to honestly one day, get more into street photography. Our country has been through so much in the past 20 years. Those photographers who go out into those dangerous situations and share the tragedies, the triumphs and the way the citizens of this country can come together in times of great pain. I want to photograph those moments. Because those photographs are the ones that tell the true story behind what truly happened in those moments. This is why I need to stop watching all of those Netflix documentaries.
My next favorite hobby is writing. I’m saying this now to fore warn you. Blogging is a new thing for me; I’m used to journaling in an actual tangible journal. So sometimes; I will take a hiatus from time to time where I will be focusing on my journals. I have a ton of unfinished journals, so this girl needs to catch up. But writing for me is what I like to call my gravity; it keeps me grounded. My writings may not be profound; but they are the only way I can express myself sometimes. I’m not always the best at expressing myself in an outward fashion; if I need to blog to get my stories out there; then that’s what I have to do.
A few more personal details about myself. I’m getting married in Spring 2019; to my significant other who I’ve been with for the past 9 and a half years. I write about him a lot on here. He’s a great and dependable man and has never failed me. But I will write honestly on my blog; and I’m sure that it will be brought up that we aren’t perfect; we have our fights, I can be insecure. No relationship is perfect by any means. People can criticize all they want; but I know I want to marry this man not matter how crazy he makes me at times.
I’m also a pet mom; I have 3 wonderful pets. A boxer, Remy who was part of a litter of puppies that my mother’s boxer had. His mother did when he was a week old. I bottle fed him; so he is my baby for sure. He’ll be 10 years old in August. Next up, my cat will be 3 in June; his name is Rumpelstiltskin. He’s a straight up jackass. No other information is needed. Last, but definitely not the least is my Pit bull mix, Taj. We got him 2 years ago, a friend of ours didn’t have the time to devote to him. So we took him in. He’s a gentle giant and such a big baby. My small house is very full, but I would have it any other way.

Edgy and Urban is a place to foster creativity, share those crazy stories that we always think aren’t true. To share my thoughts on products, fashions, etc.

Look out for some awesome content coming soon.


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