I didn’t think I would ever say this honestly, but damn it’s hard to make friends in 2017..

I mean, I’ll be honest; I’m a really good friend. I’ll listen to your problems nonstop with no judgement. If something happens, I’m there no matter what. But every time I think I have a really good friend that I can share things with; I always become everyone’s second friend. The one they choose to be more prevalent in their life is the one who has done horrible things to them and create constant drama and yet, they are the ones they go to for in their time of need and even though I have the background of being the one stable relationship that they have… and I get pushed away like the plague. Why?

I’m currently trying to branch out; meet new people. And when those friends are in a drama filled situation; the stable friend that they need desperately in that moment will not be there to pick up the pieces.

I may be young, but I’m too damn old to be constantly involved in high school drama. I need stable friendships that I can rely on in my own time of need.

They weren’t lying when they said good friends are hard to find.

I think they are playing a really good game of hide and seek and I’m just a terrible seeker. This is a cruel, cruel game world and I demand you send me some real friends right this second.


Why are you blogging?

Okay, I will admit that I did look up how to gain more followers on WordPress specifically. Call me a newbie, that’s fine. I run a blog on Tumblr, and it has taken me a very long time to gain a decent amount of followers; but I believe there’s a huge difference between Tumblr and WordPress. Two different beasts I guess.

But I loved what one fellow blogger said, the big question you need to ask yourself before you begin the blogging process is, “Why are you blogging?”

I barely touched base on this topic when I introduced myself to you.

To be honest, I’m lost. I do so much to show the world that I got my shit together. But as many before me have said; social media doesn’t necessarily feel the void that some of us feel. We are so obsessed with updating statues, snapchatting, insta-stories, etc. and we forget to like actually enjoy the moment that we are documenting.

So I desperately want to find somewhere I can come and just be me. Yes, I’m still on social media; but here I can be me instead of the fake façade that I have created within my own existence.

I do want followers, cause I want to reach others around me who may feel the same way I do; but if I only have 5 or 500. I’ll continue to write and share my stories and feelings and my makeup and clothing fails. Cause all I am looking for is somewhere to be who I always wanted to be and maybe felt restricted.

That’s why I am here. Feel free to comment and tell me why you are here and blogging.






Post Valentine’s Day


I’m having a moment at Starbucks; starting this post off well because they accidentally processed my Starbucks on my debit card instead of reloading the 10.00 on my gold card, and charging me the 7.68  on my card for the full amount of my transaction. She felt bad and voided my first transaction, and gave me coffee at 5.03 for free. I was like score! Free Starbucks Coffee, I’ll take that. Damn, I should of ordered a Venti!



I said that I wanted to create a non-sense blog, I have no interest in commenting on politics, or religion. Not that I don’t care about those things, because I do. But I want this blog to be a place where you can come to get away from that. With the current situation in the world; there’s not a place anymore that you can go to escape it; it’s everywhere!



So let’s start with a post I probably should of posted two days ago, when it was actually Valentine’s Day. But I was working and doing laundry before work, because that’s what I do for fun…I will mention that I am not yet married or having children; so that signals how lame my life is already when clean clothes are the highlight of my day. 🙂



My fiancée and I are unconventional when it comes to Valentines Day. He doesn’t like sweets (I am not that person), so he asked for Hershey’s Treasures, now I haven’t heard of these, so I was like oh the Hershey’s Pot of Gold. I was surprised that he would request that, but I bought those and a 6-pack of his favorite beer, Blue Moon. Yes, I’m cheap; but I know my man will be happy. And that’s all that matters. But when he buys me gifts, he remembers everything I have ever mentioned in the past 8 years. So I’m constantly surprised. He surprised with me a cute laptop case, 1 lb of M&Ms, and a cute card with probably the most emotional note he’s ever written in the 8 years we’ve been together. I had to hide in my office so he didn’t know that I actually cried, I ugly cry like Kim Kardashian; not cute!



Followed by some sex on a holiday! We never do the whole it’s a holiday, let’s have sex. We rarely have sex on each other’s birthdays. But any other day, we’re DOWN!


We constantly have to be thinking of it; and make sure that it hasn’t been too long cause like most couples we are so busy in our day to day routine that we are like oh crap it’s been like a month and we play catch up for the next two weeks. 🙂



If that last paragraph bothered you, please excuse yourself from my blog and there’s no point in returning, I’m an open book and I won’t shy away from subjects like sex, money and other unmentionables. But I can promise that I will stay out of religion, politics and those touchy subjects cause I just can’t even.



I can’t wait to kick start this blog, even if I don’t get a lot of followers; this is a place where I can blow off some steam with my free Starbucks Coffee. 🙂




If you want to follow me on all platforms, cause I know you want to.


Twitter: @asocialmisfits


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Welcome to Edgy and Urban. I’m Sarah, the curator you could say.

I’m a millennial who is trying to navigate this strange world we live in. I began this site because I’m in a rut in my life. I’m a huge advocate for writing for therapeutic reasons, typing is just so much faster.

All of my friends and friends who constantly see me writing always tell me I need to write a book; I may take their advice one day, but I figured I would give this a try to see how I do.

I want this blog to be a party of refuge, somewhere where everyone can come and read fun blog posts about anything and everything after a stressful day at work or a crappy blind date; truly anything.

I’ve been in such for that particular type of blog for about a month or so and haven’t been able to find anything to satisfy my need to non sense blogs that make me not feel so bad about all of the crap that happens in my personal life.

I will be open to you guys about my life. It’s truly a shit show, no doubt.

I want to share with you any trends I run across, what doesn’t work and what does. Videos about my life, nature, my upcoming nuptials, and how terrified I am to get married. 🙂

Put on your seatbelts, it’s going to be a wild ride. 🙂