Progress Report

So here I am, post gym and some unbecoming ass sweat to bring you a progress on my diet and exercise regime.

Well, I think I mentioned this in a previous post; my legs are slowly dying and preparing to remove themselves from my body. Even though I’m in pain and cringe when I have to sit down or bend over…it’s a good pain. The gym is nice, and I always feel more awake after leaving the gym.

I love cardio; but I don’t want to be the girl who goes to the gym and just does cardio, I know there’s so much more to the gym that can be just as effective or more effective than doing an elliptical of some sort.

But I’ve come to love the weight circuit; but it’s taught me that I have basically no upper body strength what so ever. So that’s why I couldn’t do pull ups in high school? So I’ve been focusing on doing more and more weight if I can every time I do the circuit.

I do 3 sets of 10 at varying weights on each machine. Sometimes I start at 10lbs because like I said I have absolutely no upper body strength. Then depending on the machine, I’ll up to 30 or 50lbs.

When it comes to cardio, I’ve been trying to take it easy. About a week or two prior to me beginning my workout and diet regime, I was getting severe numbness and pain on my left side, when I walked it would radiate pain all the way down my left leg to the point where I was limping. I’m not sure if it was a pinched nerve or I slept funny; I just know it was extremely painful. So when I first started going to the gym, I didn’t do much cardio or any circuit machine that required anything with my legs. Now that that pain has finally dissipated, I’m back to doing cardio and leg machines at the gym and my legs are in serious pain; but the good kind of pain!

One other thing I have been working on that I swear by is Yoga! I mean who doesn’t love yoga? My mother took classes last year to become an instructor and she taught me everything she learned. I can say that nothing makes me sweat like yoga. And I love doing it sometimes slowly post workout to help me stretch out my body.

My mother has very bad back problems that she’s fighting through right now; irreversible damage that she’s currently treating with pain medication. But she swears by yoga! She’s going crazy cause she knows it will only help her back issues; but she has to wait till she has her injections done and then when she’s feeling more limber to ease back into yoga. She knows that exercise and a healthy diet will only aide her in recovery. She may be unable to reverse any of the damage that has happened, but she can prevent it from getting any worse by losing any extra weight straining her back and eating better.

The reason we are doing this is because I have a wedding dress to fit into, it’s strapless and I do not want to walk down the aisle with flabby arms and boobs. That just wouldn’t be cool. 🙂 Every bride wants to feel like the most beautiful person in the room on her wedding day! That’s all I want.

The dress I have picked out for the bridesmaids has straps, but it’s a sweetheart neckline, my maid of honor was telling me, “Sarah, okay if I’m expected to wear that, I’m eating nothing but celery and…nope, just celery and water!” As the bride, I couldn’t agree with my maid of honor more. That’s why I chose her!

I do have to be honest, I haven’t been perfect on this diet. I have my bad days, I’m a stress eater; and I have learned how to curb my cravings. I LOVE chocolate, it’s the hardest habit for me to kick especially during stressful moments. You have to find out your cravings and what triggers the cravings and deal with it quickly.

I am not a nutritionist, what works for me doesn’t work for everyone. So please if you do begin dieting that you research everything and do what works best for YOU!




Day 10

Sorry I have been absent for the past few days. My life has been crazy, I’ve been going to the gym non stop (My legs are dying and preparing to fall off my body.) I’ve been working in two different stores, so I’m exhausted to say the least. I didn’t want to be gone too long. So on my way to work, I spend the extra time to play catch up with you guys.

My best vacation? I don’t get the opportunity to go on vacation often, so there isn’t much to choose from.

I think my trip to Arizona was my favorite. The weather was perfect, we stayed in Sedona. It was magical hiking along the vortex and the views were just mind boggling. This was probably the first vacation where I truly appreciated what vacations were for…Relaxation.

I would love to go back. Visit all of the art galleries, eat the food and of course more hiking!

Day 9

What is currently in your bag or wallet?

Wow. This could be a long list. Let’s see, I have chap stick, 3 lipsticks, old receipts, 3 journals varying in size, water bottle, book, keys, lotion, a snickers wrapper. (Yes, I cheated on my diet.)

I tend to carry a big bag which I regret almost daily cause it gets so heavy. But when I go to a smaller bag, I get equally irritated, yet more quickly.

Stella can be quite the BITCH!

If you live in the Northeast, I’m sure you have heard the forecast for us today. Yeah, they weren’t kidding. When I woke up at 9am, we probably had already a foot of snow. It’s been snowing since about 3am and it hasn’t let up even once.

My fiancĂ©e has went out and tried to make a path for our dogs to go out and for us to get to our car. It’s been a snow shoveling battle! Us vs. Mother Nature all day. My dogs refuse to go outside. They normally go out on a long leash, we just let them out without a leash and they come straight back to the door; they think it’s punishment! 🙂

I’m supposed to be covering a different store within my district tomorrow, the problem is that it’s pretty mountainous terrain to get to the store and I don’t know if my Hyundai Sonata can take that kind of driving tomorrow…luckily a few months back we decided to put snow tires; best investment ever!

I’ve attached a few photos to see the true impact Stella has done to us in the Northeast, luckily we still have power!

Low Carb? No…it’s No Carb.

elimination1Tomorrow my life officially ends.

My mother, my maid of honor and I are beginning our low carb or well basically no carbs. I didn’t even begin to realize how many things have carbs. No chips, no bread, no Starbucks, no creamer. Nothing. I may die.


I’m a New Yorker, I don’t think that I can actually give up coffee ever! But I’m going to have to start drinking it black or just with a half packet of stevia.

I’m already a bitchy person, take all carbs away from me; I’m going to go full sadistic devil spawn in a matter of one day. I’m actually glad that I’m currently broke and have to work tomorrow. I have no money to spend, and I do better with my diets when I’m at work and busy and don’t have to worry about sitting at home bored; because I binge eat when I’m bored. So the real lesson here is to stay constantly busy no matter what.

I think that’s why I’m doing it with my mom, and my best friend. I think it’s best to be bitchy with family and friends. We will understand each other’s pain of feeling deprived of everything fantastic in life, like gluten and sugar!

I think that’s the secret that people refuse to share; the boredom is the hardest thing during dieting to combat.

So when I’m off, I can focus on my exercise, meal prep, and photography.


I will definitely track my progress on here and my Instagram and Twitter. I pledge full honesty about this situation, cause I’m sure some days will be worse than others and about what works for me and what doesn’t.

Instagram: Sarah.liz.ware

Twitter: asocialmisfits

Wish me luck.


Day 8.

I always have current goals; constantly up on the air and changing.

This blog was a goal, I wanted to be honest and real about my life. My number 1 goal was to stick with this blog and never go too long between posts. I feel like I’ve been pretty good at that so far.

Top 5 current goals:

1. Build clientale with my photography company. I’m slowly gaining repeat clients and I’m shooting my first wedding in October. It’s just all about consistently putting yourself out there and constantly honing your craft and being open to learn new things.

I love receiving honest feedback from more seasoned photographers and let them critique my work; I will not learn any other way.

2. To be less fearful. This one may be a little more bizarre; but it pertains to so many different aspects of my life. I’m fearful of failure, so my goal is to continue to put myself out there and if I fail; who cares. I would rather try and fail then not to try it at all. Cause if I don’t try at all, then the failure from that is so much worse.

3. Start taking care of myself. Isnt this everyone’s goal? Probably. I’ve previously mentioned that I’m getting married in 2018. So it’s way more crucial than it’s ever been. I don’t have a ton of weight to lose, but it’s less about losing the weight; it’s about creating a healthy lifestyle that I can sustain long after my wedding. I want to be my best self for not only myself but also for my future husband. And if he sees me trying to better myself then he will follow suit. Win win situation I’d say. But I have to give up wine, not cool.

4. To gain at least 10 followers on this blog. I’m on my way; the more I’m writing and connecting with anyone and everyone; this will happen in no time. I’m excited about the prospects for this blog and the direction it’s headed in.


5. To create a MeetUp group with fellow photographers and go on a photography shooting spree. Artists supporting artists. Something that doesn’t always happen in the art world.

There’s so many other goals I have. But I have to say those are my top 5. And when I begin to accomplish one of these goals, I can add one of my other goals to my top 5.



This is an example of my work.

Property of Infinity Photography NY

Photographer: Sarah WareIMG_0429.jpg



Day 7

Today’s blogging challenge is what are your top 5 favorite songs. This is a hard choice for me; my music interests are constantly changing and evolving.

As of right now, I have an obsession with Marian Hill. The best way I can think of to explain her style is jazzy with a hint of EDM.

I also love Wild Belle. She has such an amazing voice that you can’t help but love!! At this very moment, I’m listening to, “Our Love will Survive” by Wild Belle.

I always for some reason work better when I’m listening to music. Not the radio though, I never know what is going to come on next, and it could completely throw me out of my orbit.

What are your top 5 favorite songs or artists? Let me know.


Day 6

Today’s blogging challenge is What are you afraid of? I think at first it was going to say something short and sweet like I’m totally skived out by snakes. So that’s something I definitely am afraid of. But this is a blogging challenge, and I think the point of this challenge is to get bloggers to dig deep in their sub conscious to write these posts. So I’m going to be good today and dig deeper than I ever have before.

Since I was just coming out of high school, the one thing that always holds me back on doing things that I know would be good for me is failure. I’m so scared that I will fall flat on my face if I do something that’s out of the norm for me.

I think that’s why I have done much with my photography or starting a business, I consciously make the decision that I’m going to fail at this even before it’s began. So for 2017 that’s what I’m trying to work on. Believe it or not, beginning a blog and sticking with it and being completely transparent has been a goal for 2017; and like most people on social media I fall victim to creating this online persona to gain more followers and likes. It becomes a sucking hole of nothing; a black hole if you will. And something that I realized; and maybe blogging should become a requirement is that by being myself and not holding back on what I say; I’ve gained followers here faster than I did on my Tumblr blog that’s a total and complete fake persona I’ve cultivated over the years.

I have to accept failure as it comes and know it’s always going to be part of my life no matter how good I get at something; you will make a wrong turn and something doesn’t work. So I beginning to learn that you just have to keep going forward no matter what roadblocks you come across!!




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