New Project.

In my own self reflection, I wanted to do more for myself and for those less fortunate. We sometimes forget how blessed we are, and we take our freedoms for granted.

As I figure out what my contribution needs to be. I want to reflect on the women around the world who are contributing to the beauty of this world in their own capacity. It’s inspiring.

As of late, I’ve been itching to write a post about something. But I wanted it to be heartfelt and meaningful. I began thinking about tolerance, we have become so intolerant as a society against religion, sexual orientation, heritage. I wanted to showcase our differences in a place we could be tolerant and loving.

Our world has proven many times over and over that intolerance will be our demise as society; yet, we continue to make the same mistakes.

With technology, we can hide behind our keyboards and talk poorly of our own friends and family and strangers, without any consequences. So I want to flip the script and use technology and our access to so many more people by highlighting the women who are looking to change the landscape on how we view the world.

Stay tuned for the first woman up to make an appearance and who I believe is opening eyes for our world.




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