Easter 2017

I hope everyone’s Easters were just as magical as mine was.

Even though our families are on this earth to drive us completely crazy, they are also here to be our counter balances, our gravity to remind us why we are here.

My family is notorious for the women doing all of the prep cooking and decorating and the clean up while the men “Relax.” My poor mom was exhausted by the time the day was over, but we also call the shots; so it’s a trade-off.

My mom is the best cook, maybe I am biased, but I don’t like eating anyone else’s homemade cooking. I’m a mom’s food only snob. 🙂 Living in New York is so different  from Iowa. Everyone I spoke to about their Easter plans, they all go out to brunch or dinner at a restaurant instead of having a home cooked meal. I was completely taken back I guess. I appreciate those home cooked meals; even though they may not last for too much longer until my mother requires me to make all holiday dinners. This could be quite disastrous and I think she knows that if she makes me cook the whole meal that no one will be eating.

My mom still puts together a big Easter basket for everyone. I require an Easter basket at 26; wouldn’t have it either way. This year my mom got me a little succulent terrarium! How adorable and in my favorite color, yellow. I have a black thumb, so I have to try so hard to not kill it. If I kill a whole bunch of succulents, then I don’t deserve to ever look at another plant.

We had a great dinner, we make ham every year; I’ve considered going vegetarian, but I absolutely refuse to give up ham. That’s the one meat that I will eat no matter what! I can cut beef and turkey and pork. Ham and chicken; I think I would fade away. 🙂

Of course, when you have been on low carb for the past few weeks and eat that much food; talk about a food coma! My mom and I were like we need to get out of the house; so we dragged the entire family, dogs included to the Roosevelt Farm Lane. A local trail that runs between Route 9 and 9G. It has hills and great scenery. And the exercise was well worth it; because it woke us all up.

When we got back to the house, my fiancée whipped out his acoustic guitar and played a slew of songs he has been learning. My step father is a vocalists in a band, so he sang a long with him. It was quite relaxing and nice to be able to sing along with songs that we knew. Coty playing the guitar has become a permanent fixture at family holidays. It’s a nice tradition that I hope we continue into the future with our own children.

After all of that, Coty and I come home and got to spend some time alone with our pet children.

We watched the movie, Lion with Dev Patel. It’s a must see, I highly recommend it.

Then unfortunately we did a some drama. Our Pit bull, Taj got off his leash when he snapped it. It was 1130, I was just falling asleep and Coty comes and wakes me up. He’s of course black and you can’t see him. He runs up the hill to our neighbors yard, and she hates us already cause he once chased her cat up a tree. So I’m getting anxiety because we can’t cross into her yard because she’s the type of neighbor who would call the police and he is refusing to come to us. So we go back to our house and get some food. By the time, we get back up there. He is GONE! We call and call and drive back and forth down our road and he has vanished. At this point, we had been looking for almost an hour and we can’t hear him and can’t see him. So all we can do is wait for him to get bored and travel back home. Now let me tell you, this wasn’t easy for me at all. I sat on the couch, staring at the open door and out the screen door just waiting. Going out onto the deck every 30 minutes calling his name. nothing!

So, I finally go to bed and he’s the type of dog that when he wants something, he will announce his presence. Around 415, I wake up. Listening intently, hoping for anything like a bark or a rustling of leaves, anything. And low and behold, thank god I was awake cause I hear him bark. I leap out of bed and there he is. Standing on the porch like how dare you not let me in. My fiancée had fallen asleep on the couch waiting for him to come home. I open the door, snapped leash still attached and he’s running around like a crazy dog. My fiancée asked me how I knew he was at the door, he sleeps like a rock! Luckily I had woke up right when I did. It’s like my subconscious knew!

But at least when I knew he was home, I could finally sleep with all 3 of my boys curled up in bed with me. 🙂 My happy place!

This morning, Taj knew he was in trouble! He laid in my fiancées office all day because he knew that mom wasn’t too happy with him!

As mad as I was, I’m just glad he was okay and that our crazy didn’t catch him in her yard again! Talk about an Easter miracle!

Here’s a photo of Taj curled up on the bed; he was exhausted from his late night partying!!



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