Day 25.

My biggest regret…

I did a lot in my life backwards. I met the man who will be my husband next year when I was a senior in high school.

My boyfriend (aka fiancée) were already serious by the time I graduated. I graduated May 2009, but July 2009 we were living together. So the idea of going off to college and living in a dorm was pretty much already out.

I was living in the Midwest with the desire to go to school for photography. There are no colleges that provide a photography degree. So I was going to college courses for nothing. I got so bored that I dropped out of college and didn’t finish. I don’t know if it was one of the best decisions I made or one of the worst.

There’s a part of me that believes that it was a good decision; I was racking up school loan debt for something I didn’t even want to do. But then there’s the logical part of my brain that thinks gosh if I had just wanted a normal degree in something that wasn’t arts I wouldn’t be worried about money all of the time or worrying about how to pay for this wedding that I can’t afford.

My fiancée and I wouldn’t be living paycheck to paycheck.

Our parents are always telling us to chase our dreams and they don’t tell us how hard it is or how impossible the world makes it. It’s easy to take the easy way out and just get trapped in routine and in dead end jobs. If we just tried harder and didn’t take the easy way out, maybe we have a chance.

I’m going to stop making excuses for not doing what I love and just do it! (That’s a Nike commercial line.)

Stay tuned for updates.



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