Happy Easter

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all get prepped and ready for some amazing family time! I’m currently sitting on my couch in my pajamas. I was out late last night and had way too much sangria, so I’m still trying to recooperate from that!

Last night, my fiancée and I got invited to my best friends 3rd annual peeps decorating contest! What a fun little night with lots of wine and did I mention sangria!! 

Everyone’s diorama for the peeps was very creative! My fiancée loves The Walking Dead, so we recreated the scene with Negan killing off Abraham and Glenn!

Everyone was mad (Poor Glenn); but absolutely loved it! Haha. 

This was more of an adult thing; but it was a lot of fun and I think that it’s a great thing for kids!

1. Creation of Bobby “Bunny” Flay, it’s all about the cooking show!

2. Elle and Bruiser Woods.

3. Peep Show! Also flashing lights when it was presented!

4. Scene with Negan in the The Walking Dead. We should of won! 😉

5. The Peeps Zoo!

6. Recreation of Mean Girls. Aka The Mean Peeps!!

It was so fun! So great to let your creative juices flow!


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