When music inspires.

The guitar is quick and upbeat. You can’t help if you nod your head along with the strings.

The vocalist gets you inspired to care about the situation that is situated in front of you. You compare and contrast. Decide what’s worth revealing and what’s worth hiding.


Jazz gets me clapping in my head. What works and what doesn’t. it blends well, swish, swish. The smoky voice that tunes into your head, it’s 1920s in the modern age. Smoke feels the air with a cloud of desperation in her voice. Drawing you in and kicking you out.


A tease, your intrigued by the drum beat. Snap your fingers with the love of it in your head. Down beat, up beat. Click clack. You can’t help to love it. She wraps you in a cocoon of love and jazz.


Fun. Am I the right one? Ask yourself.

Lust is the counter of love; It’s a hit and miss. Love and Hate equates the sway of the voice.

Don’t let it blow you over.

One time cello, dark and deep. Precision on the tap of the drum and on the coat tails of the singer. She doesn’t mind.

Floral and fluid; tap your knee, tap you toes…one time.


Click your tongue. You can’t help it. Weed smoke feels the air. Rhythm runs cold through your veins. Gives you goose bumps.

Keep clicking, add in some snaps.

Get on the floor, explosion of clicks. Clapping. Wild hair, drum beat keeps the pulse in the air.

Tell her your needs, be wild.

Choke on the beat that surrounds you.


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