Fashion Fail.

Today, my mom and I went to Danbury Fair Mall in Danbury, CT! One of the best malls that’s close to where we live that actually provides decent shopping.

I went with this illusion that I would found some great pieces to add to my wardrobe! I couldn’t have been more wrong! Holy crap! Everything that I tried on looked absolutely terrible in everything. I’m bloated cause I’ve been eating way to many carbs. I just can’t!

So I walked out of the mall only spending 15.00 on lip wax, nail polish and a pencil sharperner. Good Day!

Word of advice, don’t eat carbs…well…never and never try on clothes while you bloated. Cause I felt like a massive beached whale; and looked like one too.

I did somehow manage to get a good selfie, and I’m sharing that with you! So I guess that was my constellation prize for the day.

I have a tendency to buy things just because and there’s a chance that I will never wear it again. So I’m trying to get better about not buying things just to buy them. I want to love them and it’s something I will wear on a frequent basis cause them it’s just a waste of money!

I work in retail and I always tell my guests…
“Do you love it?” If they don’t say yes right away; then I tell them to not buy it. Cause otherwise it’s going to sit in your closet and basically collect dust. So I’m trying to take my own advice I guess.

My advice for the day: Learn to dress for your body, and learn to say no to yourself!



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