Day 23

This is a loaded question!

Everyone dreams about what they would do if they won the lottery. In that moment, if I won I think everything I thought I would do would probably change!

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would definitely quit my job and move out of New York! My fiancee and I want to go south somewhere like Virginia or South Carolina. I would donate most of my current furniture to a good cause; and buy new stuff. But nothing to incredibly expensive; just new stuff. I would buy a house, one my fiancee and I could grow into. Something nice, but no mansion or anything over the top.

I would definitely get new cars for the both of us. I would be fine with a Volkswagen Beattle! 🙂 Then, I would pay off all of our outstanding bills. I would leave nothing with a monthly bill unless i’m unable to pay ahead.

I would buy my parents a house and new cars and I would start a college fund for my sister. I have a step sister who lives back in Iowa and her mother works odd jobs. I would also begin a college fund for her as well. One that I CONTROLLED, and I only had access to and it would only go towards to any college bills; nothing else! I’ts unfortunate that I would have to be that strtict; but people like to take advantage of generositiy when it’s given.

With situations like this; people come out of the woodwork when things like this happen. As much as you want to help everyone, you can’t!

I would plan my ideal wedding; get married wherever I want. And if you can travel for it, great. If you can’t; well sorry. Even with millions, I don’t think that I would want to spends 50,000 on a wedding. Just the dress I want, and in a place that would make me happy and that’s enough.

After my wedding, I would travel with my fiancee. Doing all of the things that have ever been on my bucket list. I would go to London, Paris, Greece, Thailand, Canada, Hawaii, Amsterdam, Sweden, New Zealand, Spain & so much more! I would also book a surprise trip for my family. To all of the places my mom ever wanted to go! She has sacrificed so much for me and I think I would want to repay her with something she would never forget!

That’s my ideal Lottery plan! But since the chances are slim, I’ll stick to reality and try to accomplish my dreams logically. But a girl can dream!


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