Gourmet Doughnuts.

So being the millennial that I am, there’s lots of things that we are supposed to as millennials that no other generation would ever do. Like wearing panties for extra days to sell them to peeves who like that. (Watch Orange is the New Black or Younger.) But my generation is very trend friendly; if one person does it everyone has to do it, and document each step. I’m not much for this type of thing; or at least I try not to document each moment of my life, but sometimes you get caught in it. But when I friend suggest we go get made to order gourmet Doughnuts; well it was Doughnuts how could I not go.

We hit Glazed Over in Beacon, NY. First and foremost, love the atmosphere of this place. It’s small and cozy with dark wood and exposed brick. And in the back, there’s a section where you can actually watch them make your Doughnuts. Did I mention that it’s reasonably priced as well. You sit down with a sheet where you get to pick your glaze, toppings and drizzle! There so many options it’s crazy. Like nutella, fruity pebbles, salted caramel, marshmallow! List goes on and on.

The nice thing is that since they are made to order, they’re fresh and quite messy to eat! But it’s a magical experience! Not great for my diet at all; but I wasn’t passing up an opportunity to go and have Doughnuts!!

Attached are a few pictures that I took today!!!

If your ever in the mid Hudson valley I highly recommend popping into this shop!!

Glazed Over in Beacon, NY


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