We live in a world now where we are compulsive consumers, we have to have the best phone, clothes, makeup for the girls and the hottest kicks for the boys. Instead of shopping for summer and winter. We shop and buy clothes and accessories for all 52 weeks of the year. We fight each other to the death on black Friday for the big deals that we really don’t need.

As a millennial who is trying to pay for my wedding without any help; I had to think about what my fiancée and I were really spending our money on. And when we pulled out our receipts and calculated what we were actually spending. The miscellaneous things that we were buying; it was an insane amount of money, I couldn’t believe it!

Now, I’m just beginning this process of being more self aware of what I am spending my money on. So I am not here to give any advice; I do not yet know what works for my family and what doesn’t. But I would love to one day begin a family and I don’t want to have to struggle to feed my children or live paycheck and paycheck. I want to give my future children all of the opportunities that they deserve to have. And I don’t want to struggle to provide.

Unfortunately for my wallet, I work in a clothing boutique, so it’s very hard to resist buying things as they come in our shipment, and now I’m working in two of our stores, each store has different inventory and it’s now 2x harder. 🙂

I need to figure out a way to build a wall to ward off my justification gene that talks me into buying things I don’t actually need.

There’s a lot of things that I want to do and see; and I recall myself constantly complaining how broke I am. But when I came home and saw all of the things that I bought and I’m like well there’s all the money that I’m missing and complaining that I don’t have.


So here’s how I’ve begun my money saving journey:


  1. I’m working in another store, if you have the opportunity to work additional hours, take it. Since I’m traveling to another store; my company provides mileage when helping in other stores. Even though it kind of throws in my wrench in my life at times, I can’t deny the additional 170.00 untaxed money added into my check! So on top of the extra hours that I wouldn’t have received working in just my own store, I get almost 200.00 in mileage; I only put in about 40.00 into my gas tank in that two week span. I call that a win/win situation.


2.    Meal planning. This is a new thing for me. I can’t say I haven’t attempted it once or twice because I definitely have. But when my fiancée and I realized how much we were also spending when we would run to the store to grab something for dinner; it ended up being a 30.00 endeavor every time we went and we would go to the grocery store 2 to 3 times a week. So that adds to around 100.00 a week! That also doesn’t apply for when we would eat out. I work in the mall so it’s not uncommon that I run to the food court for lunch or dinner. And when I work in my home store and I’m closing. My fiancée would grab dinner while he waits for me to get off work. We currently have one car that we share; so I think that’s another reason for us trying to save money; enough for us to buy a second car.

3. Budget. Meal planning and budget go hand in hand. When I went for the first time; I spent a lot of money on that initial shopping trip. But that was to be expected when your first starting out. After the first time, it gets cheaper and when you have a strict grocery list, it’s quicker and you have to avoid stopping and looking for additional items to buy. But you have to have a bulletproof grocery list, I know this sounds time consuming, but I spend like two days making a grocery list, I don’t want to miss anything because if I do; then I have to go back to the grocery store and god only knows what I would come home with. So when you meal plan, you know exactly what you need for each meal.


I know that I’m a compulsive consumer; and I know that it will be a fight to not buy things that aren’t necessities.

One of the big kickers for me to start budgeting and living with more purpose was watching Minimalism on Netflix. Now, these guys went all out and left all of the non essential things behind and if that works for you then go for it. Even though I can’t get rid of almost everything cause I think I may go crazy. I LOVE the message that they give. When they say, “Use things, love people, the opposite never works.” So True!!

I want to spend money on experiences, things won’t bring you true happiness just a shot of adrenaline, then it’s over.

My fiancée and I are planning fun day trips throughout the summer and it doesn’t include malls and spending money on things. We will spend money on getting into places we want to say and food and snacks! That’s it. I couldn’t be more excited to do these things with the best fiancée a girl could ask for. As we begin to go on these day trips, I will keep you all updated her on our excursions.


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