Day 16

I think this day is a unique question, not something you would normally see on a 30 day blogging challenge.

My thoughts on education?

I don’t even know where to begin; I think for my generation, the American Dream is dead. Going to school anymore is basically pointless; we get racked with so much debt and there’s no jobs in the fields that we went to school for.

I want to be a photographer, I constantly go back and forth about school and honestly, I’m not getting any younger. But as much as I want the information and the connections through school; I can’t even begin to afford paying back school loans.

I think everyone is beginning to think that it is pointless to go. Most of the people I know aren’t doing what they thought they would be doing after college; and having a college degree almost doesn’t matter anymore. Now I’m not saying that people shouldn’t go to college. I think that you should depending on the field that you are going into. But arts, unless you go into a job requiring a college degree. Sheer talent in the arts seems to get you far enough. For me to go to college, I’m looking for the networking more than the training.


For the younger generation, I think they should start teaching cursive again; an under valued art that all kids should learn. And this whole new way of teaching is absolutely awful. Why do we have to make simple things that we have been teaching kids for years and make it ten times more complicated to the point that parents can no longer help their own children with their homework.


Education is the backbone of the world, we seem to be so careless about the future of the world. Our kids are our future and we seem to be making life for their future more complicated and unattainable. We tell them to dream big and chase their dreams; but we make it so impossible with low paying jobs, high costs of colleges, abysmal job opportunities once they leave college. We are setting up our future for failure and hard times.

We need to work harder to create the dreams that children and young adults chase.


Those are those my thoughts on education!


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