I keep writing and erasing this post. Is it bad that when I’m trying to write about the love of my life and I can’t’ find the words to describe it? There’s so much love between us that it leaves me speechless.


Before I get mushy and start crying into my keyboard. Let me tell you how we met; we are both from Iowa. I saw my future husband for the first time when we had an English class together; he was two years ahead of me. But he had to take the class I was in to graduate. (Lucky me! :)) At the time, he had a girlfriend who was named Sara; what a coincidence! Since I’m not evil; I knew that I couldn’t pursue it. But I can’t say it wasn’t hard. He was like a rebel; he had a lip ring and long shaggy hair. He was the “bad boy” and I was definitely intrigued. I was always bummed when he wasn’t in class, we sat right next to each other and a mutual friend Robbie sat behind him. We were always in trouble for talking during class. 🙂 When the first semester ended, I was totally bummed and I could only be intrigued from afar.


It was 2006-2007 when we first met. He had left school, got his GED. We were friends on Facebook, and that was about it. I would see that he had new girlfriends and there was always a twinge of jealousy. I didn’t understand my jealousy at all; what was it about this boy that drove me crazy. During the next year or so, I dated as well during this time. But my mind always thought about him subconsciously without even noticing that I was.


Then one fateful night, my best friend at the time Rachel called me saying Coty was having a party at his apartment in Kalona, Iowa with a few mutual friends. I jumped at the opportunity to go and of course lied to my mom and told her that I was going to a “birthday” party; I’m sure she knew I was lying. The twist in my story is that my friend called Dibs on Coty before we even got to his place. I can’t break girl code; I was pretty hammered that night, but I remember I was sitting in his crappy car later and I can’t tell you what we even spoke about; but it was so fluid and natural. I do recall calling him a psycho…I don’t remember why.


Even after, he got a new girlfriend, a girl that was within my group of friends. I was so bummed and didn’t know what happened with us, but I can’t expect him to choose me when we were both so hammered that neither of us could remember clearly. The girl he was with was closer to his group of friends then I was, I was aware of his friends, yet I was an outsider to that group.


Okay, so I didn’t have to wait long; after like a week…they broke up. Then he got another girlfriend! It was crazy! I was like are you kidding me. About a month later; he wished me a happy birthday on Facebook and I looked at that message everyday for like a week! Then I Facebook stalked him; and his new girlfriend seemed like super cool and into what he was into. So I pretty much gave up; I knew I missed my chance. So I got a new boyfriend; who I wasnt really into at all; we lasted about a month before I broke up with him. I did him a favor; after we broke up he met his future wife and mother to his kid. I’m basically a matchmaker. 🙂


Then came mid November 2008. I was in St. Louis for a journalism convention since I was a yearbook editor. It was our last night in St. Louis; we were being rebellious and had boys from a different school in our hotel room. 🙂 And then my phone rang, it was Coty. He was calling me at 2am. He drunk dialed me; he was having a party at his apartment, and he went into his bedroom and called me! He spoke from 2am to 5am. He asked to pick me up from the school when the bus dropped us off. What is funny is that he didn’t remember any of that conversation, but he remembered to pick me up.

He drove me to my parents house, met them on the very first day and the rest is history.

We have been together ever since.


Sometimes he drives me up a wall and I just want to scream into a pillow. But I wouldn’t want any other man to drive me crazy for the rest of my life. He can make me laugh at any given moment and I know one day he will make a great father to our future children. I can’t wait to marry my best friend.

I should mention what the title picture means and the significance behind it. Coty sent it to me in the beginning of our relationship. It’s a heart shaped balloon. So we always send it to each other, it’s our version of I love you!


Now you know one of my stories.


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