Day 14

3 healthy habits. I think this post is perfectly timed.

1. Water. This is so simple. You should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water everyday. I don’t go anywhere without my water bottle. The way I make sure I’m drinking enough water is to buy pretty water bottle. I have a bright blue Corkcicle. It’s stainless steel and keeps my water cold all day. I absolutely love it.

2. Portion control. This is something I’m either really good at or really bad at. I may hate my low carb diet most days; but one thing I do like about it is that you can have much meat, cheese and veggies as you want cause they contain no carbs. Just watch any cured meats cause they do contain a high sodium content which makes you retain water and you don’t want that. I love pepperoni and that’s evil in sodium.

3. Daily exercise. You don’t have to go to the gym everyday. But go for a walk, do some yoga, take your kids to the park. That all qualifies as exercise. Just get out there. Like today, I’m skipping the gym; I am so sore. So I’m going to do some stretching and yoga today at home before work to stretch out my muscles and give my body a break from the high impact workouts I’ve been doing this week.

I do struggle with being too restrictive with my diets and I beat myself up when I mess up on my diets. I just have to remember that no one is perfect and your going to have bad days. You just can’t let it derail you completely; accept that you had a bad day and begin your day refreshed.



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