Day 11

10 favorite foods? Oh my gosh where do I even begin?

I have so many different favorite foods. Its hard to decide…this could easily be more than 10; just warning you before you proceed.

  1. As I mentioned in my previous post, I love chocolate. I like just about anything chocolate. except for chocolate covered dried fruit. It’s one or the other. Not both. Weirds me out. I lean more towards pastries. Like who doesn’t like a chocolate pastry…
  2. I love lasagna. But only the one I make; it’s the family recipe. I won’t order it at a restaurant. My standards are  far too high for anyone else to top!
  3. Tater Tots, this is a bizarre one for me. But I love them more than French fries. They are just so adorable, like cute minions. 🙂
  4. I love cheese. I think I got this one from my mother. Almost every night, she had cheese and crackers and it became a thing in our family. So I always have cheese and crackers on hand at my house. It’s totally genetic, my litter sister takes cheese fiend to a whole new level!
  5. Avocados. This is a new one, 5 years ago, you wouldn’t get me within ten miles of guacamole. I think I began to like it when avocados became like a trend. I’m totally ashamed to say that! But I tried in in tuna salad one time, then I was hooked. I put it in virtually everything now!
  6. Halos! I feel like a 4 year old, I’ve loved oranges since I was a kid, but it takes forever to peel and prep, too much of a hassle. My mom recommended them to me, (mom is always right) and I always have them on hand at my house, just an easy and healthy snack!
  7. Black beans. Oh my god, black beans just make life better! Just live avocados, I put them in EVERYTHING!
  8. Grapes. Just  the purples ones, no green!  Don’t put a full bag in front of me. I will east them all…just a friendly warning.
  9. Mac and Cheese. I could eat it everyday, all three meals. Mac and Cheese just makes life better.
  10. Okay, this one I am slightly ashamed of, but I’m going to be honest. I don’t eat them often, have to savor the moment when I do have them…but I love Spaghettios! My fiancée makes fun of my every time I buy them. I feel like I am 12 again. I know they are absolutely awful for you, that’s why I don’t have them often, but when I do I am in heaven!

Okay, there’s my 10. I was harder to come up with 10 then I thought it would be. But look I did it!





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