Stella can be quite the BITCH!

If you live in the Northeast, I’m sure you have heard the forecast for us today. Yeah, they weren’t kidding. When I woke up at 9am, we probably had already a foot of snow. It’s been snowing since about 3am and it hasn’t let up even once.

My fiancée has went out and tried to make a path for our dogs to go out and for us to get to our car. It’s been a snow shoveling battle! Us vs. Mother Nature all day. My dogs refuse to go outside. They normally go out on a long leash, we just let them out without a leash and they come straight back to the door; they think it’s punishment! 🙂

I’m supposed to be covering a different store within my district tomorrow, the problem is that it’s pretty mountainous terrain to get to the store and I don’t know if my Hyundai Sonata can take that kind of driving tomorrow…luckily a few months back we decided to put snow tires; best investment ever!

I’ve attached a few photos to see the true impact Stella has done to us in the Northeast, luckily we still have power!


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