Low Carb? No…it’s No Carb.

elimination1Tomorrow my life officially ends.

My mother, my maid of honor and I are beginning our low carb or well basically no carbs. I didn’t even begin to realize how many things have carbs. No chips, no bread, no Starbucks, no creamer. Nothing. I may die.


I’m a New Yorker, I don’t think that I can actually give up coffee ever! But I’m going to have to start drinking it black or just with a half packet of stevia.

I’m already a bitchy person, take all carbs away from me; I’m going to go full sadistic devil spawn in a matter of one day. I’m actually glad that I’m currently broke and have to work tomorrow. I have no money to spend, and I do better with my diets when I’m at work and busy and don’t have to worry about sitting at home bored; because I binge eat when I’m bored. So the real lesson here is to stay constantly busy no matter what.

I think that’s why I’m doing it with my mom, and my best friend. I think it’s best to be bitchy with family and friends. We will understand each other’s pain of feeling deprived of everything fantastic in life, like gluten and sugar!

I think that’s the secret that people refuse to share; the boredom is the hardest thing during dieting to combat.

So when I’m off, I can focus on my exercise, meal prep, and photography.


I will definitely track my progress on here and my Instagram and Twitter. I pledge full honesty about this situation, cause I’m sure some days will be worse than others and about what works for me and what doesn’t.

Instagram: Sarah.liz.ware

Twitter: asocialmisfits

Wish me luck.



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