Day 6

Today’s blogging challenge is What are you afraid of? I think at first it was going to say something short and sweet like I’m totally skived out by snakes. So that’s something I definitely am afraid of. But this is a blogging challenge, and I think the point of this challenge is to get bloggers to dig deep in their sub conscious to write these posts. So I’m going to be good today and dig deeper than I ever have before.

Since I was just coming out of high school, the one thing that always holds me back on doing things that I know would be good for me is failure. I’m so scared that I will fall flat on my face if I do something that’s out of the norm for me.

I think that’s why I have done much with my photography or starting a business, I consciously make the decision that I’m going to fail at this even before it’s began. So for 2017 that’s what I’m trying to work on. Believe it or not, beginning a blog and sticking with it and being completely transparent has been a goal for 2017; and like most people on social media I fall victim to creating this online persona to gain more followers and likes. It becomes a sucking hole of nothing; a black hole if you will. And something that I realized; and maybe blogging should become a requirement is that by being myself and not holding back on what I say; I’ve gained followers here faster than I did on my Tumblr blog that’s a total and complete fake persona I’ve cultivated over the years.

I have to accept failure as it comes and know it’s always going to be part of my life no matter how good I get at something; you will make a wrong turn and something doesn’t work. So I beginning to learn that you just have to keep going forward no matter what roadblocks you come across!!





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