Mom, I want to make soap for a living.

Okay, so I didn’t tell my mom this. I do know that if I said this to her; she would be down for it. My mom used to make soaps and other organic hair, face and body products when I was a kid because she wasn’t pleased with the chemicals that were in the store-bought items.

At work the other night, me and one of my favorite co-workers got onto the topic of her going all vegan and organic with her facial, hair and skin products. Then I said let’s make soap; not sure where it even came from and neither of us really had any idea of what we were doing; but we were determined to make some soap no matter what it cost us.

So we met up this morning at Starbucks, headed straight to Michael’s to get what we needed; after we spent 15 minutes wandering around the store looking for the stuff to make it…who puts soap making stuff by the fake flowers??

Anyways, we got back to my house; and began our attempt at making soap. Luckily, I used one of my crappy pans for the job because once you melt blocks of shea butter don’t plan on ever getting off the solidified shea butter off that pan! So be aware when you doing DIY stuff like this, don’t use your nice pans!!

For our first go at this we did a very simple recipe. It was Shea Butter, coffee grounds & almond oil. The coffee grounds are added to be exfoliating and once you mix together all of the ingredients, it’s a very light smelling soap.

It took maybe an hour to finish it all. So simple. Melt, mix, mold! I think we spent maybe 40 between us both to buy the stuff. 10 of it was just for the soap cutter that had a wavy pattern, so a one time investment. Next time we are going to get a bit more complicated and add colors and stuff and it will be fun! Can’t wait.

Pictures of our beautiful soap and our attempt at sugar scrub will be included!

If you and your friends are ever looking for something to do and you can’t decide. I highly recommend this, simple and just great fun!




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