This wasn’t something I was going to share at first, because it’s what I call highly classified information. But I want to be transparent on this blog; I can continue to be happy and cheery on my blog, but yesterday that wasn’t me, so since I wasn’t feeling myself I didn’t want to blog. After sleeping on it, I realized that I can’t abandon my blog when I’m feeling sad, basically defeats the purpose of blogging right?

Back in the fall, my mom was in and out of the hospital with high blood pressure, fogginess, etc. She works for a Lyme doctor here in New York and they were able to diagnose her with Lyme Disease. Thankfully, she works for the top Lyme doctor in the world and with the the right mix of medications she was able to feel somewhat normal again.

Yesterday, she messaged me and told me she couldn’t walk, she was seeing spots in her eyes, she knew something was definitely wrong, she got herself to work which is about two minutes from her house (I don’t condone her driving). Anyways, one of the doctors there, he called her an ambulance and took her to the local hospital.

She spent hours there, she said they thought it was spinal stenosis in her neck, which was causing her the neurological symptoms. Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spine, and my mom said she had some in her lower back; but never in her neck.

Unfortunately, with my fiancee and I sharing a car right now, I was unable to get to her yesterday. I felt like a horrible daughter not being there by her side. She understood and I called my fiancee to see if he could come grab me and just drop me off. He said that he was unfortunately swamped and couldn’t leave.

My mom was discharged with no real answers and no medication to help with the pain. Causing her to self medicate with high powered ibprofun to help alleviate the pain she was still in. 

She has been in the hospital 3 or 4 times since September, the only time she got any answers is when she was diagnosed with Lyme by the doctors she works for, not the hospital. She’s had massive issues going on with her body and no one can give her answers. It’s infuriating.

I’m going to spend the day with her today. She’s extremely stubborn and will try to do everything when what she really needs to do is rest. 

My mom and I are extremely close; she’s my best friend. And even the thought of her in pain or losing her rips me apart.

Love you mom!!



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