Day Two

Day Two:

Twenty Things about myself:

  1. Live in upstate New York
  2. I have two dogs, Remy and Taj and a cat, Rumpelstiltskin
  3. I got engaged February 13, 2016
  4. One of my favorite past times is journaling
  5. I’m a freelance photographer in my free time.
  6. Chocolate is my guilty pleasure
  7. Since I was born, I’ve lived in 5 different states!
  8. My best friend is by far my mother.
  9. I love being outside, I love walking in the grass barefoot. So I’m kind of a hippy. But it always makes me happy.
  10. One of my favorite things to make is lasagna. It’s one of the few things I’m good at cooking.
  11. I’ve been with my fiancée for 8 and a half years. Since I was a senior in High School.
  12. I was born in Iowa, but I’m a city girl at heart.
  13. I’m extremely clumsy.
  14. I am very independent. My mother taught me to be independent and not to rely on anyone for anything. It’s one of the greatest lessons she ever taught me.
  15. I absolutely hate Brussel sprouts, but who doesn’t.
  16. I’ve written 5 short stories. Nothing published.
  17. My  half sister is 16 years younger than me.
  18. My father and I are estranged.
  19. My favorite television show is Friends, I can quote basically every episode.
  20. I’m just pretty awesome!




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