My FAVORITE face products!

I’m definitely not the type to share like the products I use, maybe because I’m very basic! (Does that sound bad?) But my skin, oof, its been bad the past few months. I’ve been drinking so much caffeine and eating like more cheeseburgers than any person should ever consume. But I’ve got to get back on the wagon like right now, I have the Bronx Zoo 5k in like two months and I’m woefully not prepared! So I’ve cut caffeine almost completely out, besides my morning cup of coffee. (I’m a New Yorker, I don’t run well without coffee.) I’ve been drinking water and a morning protein shake that I’ve been taking with me in the mornings, whether it’s work or just out running errands.

But water is just the start to great skin as well all know. I’ve noticed over the past year my skin has been very dry and flakey. Meaning the moisturizer I was using just wasn’t doing the trick to keep my skin supple. And it was much worse in the winter, so being the good daughter that I am, I actually took my mother’s advice who’s always had great skin. I went paraban free, all organic for the skin care regime.


Now these aren’t everything I use when it comes to my skin. These are just a few that I just picked up this week and I already need to rave about.

PEARLESSENCE: I’ve actually been hearing quite a bit about Rose Water; my mom interjected that she used to use it when I was younger, and it’s back! Thank god, cause I love this stuff so much. It has a very refreshing feeling when I spritz that wonderful stuff onto my face. I put it on after my face cleanser and before my moisturizer. But I also throw it in my bag and will spritz it on actually over my makeup if I need some hydration. (Keep at a distance just in case). 🙂 But I grabbed this bottle of awesome at TJ Maxx. And it has made its way into my daily routine.

ALBA: First and foremost, I use basically the entire line! I use the Alba Pineapple Enzyme moisturizer along with the exfoliator But I recently came across these two items while bumming around TJ Maxx (Can you see that I have a problem?) I’ve been using the Pineapple Enzyme 3 in 1 towelettes since early winter and I love them cause they’re a cleanser and toner along with a makeup remover and I am all about what’s fast and easy to take my makeup off before bed cause I have been terrible about that at times. So when I saw this duo, let’s just say I spent a lot of money that day. The Volcanic Clay detox towelettes are an interesting experience to say the least and I love it! It makes my face seem so refreshed after using them.

The mask with the same Volcanic Clay in it was a fun experience that I actually tried for the first time this morning. Be prepared, it is a full mask; so when I walked out of the bathroom this morning with my black mask on; well my fiancée couldn’t keep the laughter in. He was like well, that’s nice! We laughed about it together! I left this mask on for 15 minutes, the smell when taking it off was a little off-putting for some reason. But the way my skin glowed after this mask makes the smell definitely worth it. The serum that remains on your face after taking off the mask can simply be rubbed into your skin after you remove the mask. And let me tell you, my skin is so unbelievably soft and glowing. My skin hasn’t been this great since I don’t know when.

I will be honest, I’ve been pretty terrible to my skin at times. Thinking it would be fine, if I didn’t use moisturizer, or didn’t take my makeup off before bed. So it takes a lot to maintain my skin right now. But I’m finally in a routine where I feel like my skin will finally be given the opportunity to bounce back.

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!




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