I didn’t think I would ever say this honestly, but damn it’s hard to make friends in 2017..

I mean, I’ll be honest; I’m a really good friend. I’ll listen to your problems nonstop with no judgement. If something happens, I’m there no matter what. But every time I think I have a really good friend that I can share things with; I always become everyone’s second friend. The one they choose to be more prevalent in their life is the one who has done horrible things to them and create constant drama and yet, they are the ones they go to for in their time of need and even though I have the background of being the one stable relationship that they have… and I get pushed away like the plague. Why?

I’m currently trying to branch out; meet new people. And when those friends are in a drama filled situation; the stable friend that they need desperately in that moment will not be there to pick up the pieces.

I may be young, but I’m too damn old to be constantly involved in high school drama. I need stable friendships that I can rely on in my own time of need.

They weren’t lying when they said good friends are hard to find.

I think they are playing a really good game of hide and seek and I’m just a terrible seeker. This is a cruel, cruel game world and I demand you send me some real friends right this second.



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