Why are you blogging?

Okay, I will admit that I did look up how to gain more followers on WordPress specifically. Call me a newbie, that’s fine. I run a blog on Tumblr, and it has taken me a very long time to gain a decent amount of followers; but I believe there’s a huge difference between Tumblr and WordPress. Two different beasts I guess.

But I loved what one fellow blogger said, the big question you need to ask yourself before you begin the blogging process is, “Why are you blogging?”

I barely touched base on this topic when I introduced myself to you.

To be honest, I’m lost. I do so much to show the world that I got my shit together. But as many before me have said; social media doesn’t necessarily feel the void that some of us feel. We are so obsessed with updating statues, snapchatting, insta-stories, etc. and we forget to like actually enjoy the moment that we are documenting.

So I desperately want to find somewhere I can come and just be me. Yes, I’m still on social media; but here I can be me instead of the fake façade that I have created within my own existence.

I do want followers, cause I want to reach others around me who may feel the same way I do; but if I only have 5 or 500. I’ll continue to write and share my stories and feelings and my makeup and clothing fails. Cause all I am looking for is somewhere to be who I always wanted to be and maybe felt restricted.

That’s why I am here. Feel free to comment and tell me why you are here and blogging.







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